Financialisation, politics & the future of socialism: A conversation in Seattle with Casey Jaywork

Imagine a society where the only way you can have shares in a company is if you work in it. Imagine we had a rule everywhere that you can work in that company and have shares in it, but if you work in that one then you can’t have shares in the other. You can lend money to the other, you can lend some of your capital, but you cannot have equity. Because equity gives you a claim to the profits that the people who are working in the other company are making. And then you get the capitalist dynamic, which leads to inefficiency and crisis. So in the end you end up with cooperatives, but you can have now smart stock exchanges where people can, as they move jobs, carry their capital with them. That creates mobility and different forms of corporate organization where the people who work are the shareholders of the company, and when they move they take their capital with them. [excerpt]

Yanis Varoufakis

In April 2016, in the context of a talk I gave in Seattle’s City Hall, Casey Jaywork (of the  Seattle Weekly) and I had this conversation. For Casey’s site click here. Or…

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