Vote for Hillary??? Hell No!!!

Should we vote for Hillary?Cowardice asks the ?

Hell No!!!

Tursted Busted 600x300

Good luck getting more than lip service from Hillary or the DNC.

The System is bought and paid for and the bosses expect to get a return on their investment.

Hillary was guaranteed the nomination in 2008. Nothing was ever going to be allow to prevent it. I supported and continue to support Bernie not because I ever thought he could win the nomination but because any challenge to the NEOLIBERAL Democratic Party is good for the people, good for the US of A, and good for the world at large.

When the enemy cannot destroy you 600x250

This was never going to be allowed to be a contest. The DNC will be happy to co-opt as many Bernie supporters as they can in there efforts to totally dismantle the New Deal and institute a Milton Freedman, Chicago School, haven of Buyer-Beware-Laissez-Faire-Capitalism, 1920s style of capitalism they can get away with. However, Bernie did give it his best, but the establishment was never going to tolerate a Sanders candidacy. The Game was rigged eight years ago. The only way to influence the DNC or their party is outside political agitation on the order of the Populace Party of the 1880s-1890s which produced the Progressive wing of the Republican party as well as a more moderate Democratic Party which lasted only until Teddy Roosevelt retired as president in 1909. Or, a socialist/communist/labor movement on the order of that in the 1920s and 1930s which both forced and provided the impetus TR’s cousin FDR used to build the New Deal. The demise of the New Deal as a Democratic Party initiative was guaranteed when the party elites forced FDR to jettison his preference as VP, Henry Wallace, and accept theirs, Harry S. Truman. On the floor of the convention Wallace was wildly popular (like Bernie) and Truman was supported by approximately 4%-6% of the delegates, but that was who the party elites wanted just as they want Hillary today.

The civil rights movements of the 1950s and 1960s only allowed the Neoliberals in the party to use those issues to rise to sufficient power to start dismantling The New Deal which their (the economic liberals, now called Neoliberals) defeat in 1932 allowed FDR to institute. Don’t forget it was the Clintons who “Changed Welfare as We Know It!” Which should have made both Mr. Reagan and Mr. Goldwater leap for joy.

Goldwater Girl, Hillary

Hillary as a Goldwater Girl.

However, the only way to force the DNC to actually shift left is from the outside. The will shift left when and only when the people have a credible political party on the left to choose from. Then, once that movement is co-opted the DNC (as it always has done) will begin the slow, steady inexorable drift back to the economics of Neoliberalism. This is inevitable with any party in power in the US as long as the economy is organized as a Liberal Economy (aka, Buyer-Beware-Laissez-Faire-Capitalism). Thus even if we, through Bernie Sanders (or anyone else who would become the next advent of FDR) manage to produce another People Friendly Party without changing the economic superstructure upon which that party is based it will sooner or later become just another wing of the single NATIONAL CORPORATE PARTY.

I'maSocialist 600x400

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to continue the economic slide away from the “Good Ol’ Days” everyone wants to return to. Consider the following chart. And consider the “slide” that includes both the Clinton and Obama administrations. No, they did not JUST INHERIT someone else’s mess. This entire process was facilitated by a Democratic congress during the Reagan/Bush years and the repeal of the so-called Glass/Steagall Act which prevented investment banks from “playing the market” with people’s savings and it allowed the big Investment Banks to claim FDIC protection without which the Bailout of Wall Street by the Tax Payers of America would have been much, much more difficult. And the appearance of the following graph would likely have a different look. This was done by a Clinton. If you want more of the same then vote for the former member of the Board of Directors of Walmart, Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

wealth_chart 800x400

Roger W Mills II


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