Who was planning a coup? Tom Strohschneider in Neues Deutschland

“However, because Varoufakis embodied that which public opinion had been criticising throughout Europe since January 2015 – an anti-politician, an intellectual in office, an economist who was suddenly faced with the business of politics – this finance minister remained the center of indignant headlines until just a few months ago. But now that Varoufakis has founded a movement to continue his fight for solidarity in Europe, the opposition in Greece isattempting to blame Tsipras himself for defending against Grexit.”

“The newspaper’s source: a German government official who was familiar with the negotiations of the time. “What shocked us about the discussion paper was the way in which they laid down the conditions for Greece remaining in the eurozone. The conditions were so humiliating that they appeared to have the goal for Greece to reject them.” This would have resulted in Grexit.

So who here really pursued a “Plan B”? Looking back, Galbraith writes that it had not been the task of his working group to make recommendations for a euro exit. So they had not made any. “We prepared for a scenario that everyone hoped to be able to avoid.” The ones planning a coup were certainly not the Yanis Varoufakis group.” [excerpts]

Yanis Varoufakis

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 13.04.50.pngThis article by Tom Strohschneider was first published in the German newspaper Neues Deutschland. Read the German original here or the English version on the DiEM25 site. 

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