So, Which Is It?

I have literally never been discriminated against in any significant way. I’ve been the target of unwelcome male attention because of my gender, but that’s a rant for another day.

The point is that I don’t have any right to complain about racism.

What I do have, however, is a duty to complain about racism.

It exists. It’s real. It happens every single day, in every single city in America, whether we see it or not, and as long as we avert our gaze, it’s pretty easy to feel indignant that anyone should imply that there are racists among us. “There’s a black man in the White House,” I hear them huff. “What more do they want?”

I’m not going to speak for an entire race that I’m not a part of, but my guess is that one of the things “they” want is to no longer be referred to as “they”. To do so is to imply that to be black means that you aren’t part of “us”. That you are somehow “other”. That you can’t sit at our table.

Source: So, Which Is It?


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