What the United States needs: Investment & Progressive Internationalism – CNN op-ed

America needs a new Manhattan Project (only Jill Stein recognizes this), one located on hundreds of campuses around the United States, that helps put to work the idle trillions of dollars, our scientists, and the next generation of youngsters (who must be educated with government subsidies to end the student debt scandal). The joint effort would produce technologies that could lead to a cost-effective green transition. [The only candidate who recognizes this is Dr. JILL STEIN]
What stops America from doing this service to itself? It is the 30-year-old bipartisan class war waged against America’s working class and shrinking middle class. Republicans automatically gravitated to tax cuts for the rich. Democrats served Wall Street and exhausted their talents at finding ways to curtail welfare. Both burdened the young with unbearable student debt. The US has reached a point where sensible policies, that the nation needs, are off the table.

Yanis Varoufakis

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 11.15.52.pngClick here for the CNN site. (Note that the title was chosen by CNN’s editor.)

Arthur Miller once said that “an era can be considered over when its basic illusions have been exhausted.”

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