What’s Wrong with Donald J. Trump???

The problem as I see it is not “What’s wrong with Trump.” It is what went wrong so that we could end up with Donald J. Trump as our President? Even as a viable candidate for President!!! It is why did we could even end up with Donald J. Trump as our President? And, how did we could even end up with Donald J. Trump as our President?


While I have seen a veritable plethora of posts on why we shouldn’t have elected Trump, I have seen very little reflection on why and how did we, the United States, ended up with him as president. It seems everyone is focusing outward, on Donald J. Trump, instead of inward, on what we, as a nation and what the “supposed progressive” Democratic Party, did that helped create the conditions that allowed “A” Donald J. Trump to even vie for the highest office in the land.


It seems to me that everyone that can be touched by observations of what is wrong with Trump already knows, pretty well, what is wrong with Donald J. Trump and about how bad he is and has a good sense of how bad he will be.. If they don’t; they soon will. Every other person will only set their minds harder than they already are (and those people are pretty dense) as they will see these posts and comments simply as from “haters of America,” (as they see America.) Thus they can’t be touched by these observations.


To reiterate: The problem I see with these types of responses to Trump’s victory is that all this attention paid to what is wrong with Trump is preventing a reflective process about what made a Trump “Candidacy” possible in the first place. That’s right! His CANDIDACY. What was it that made it possible for such a degenerate as Trump to even become a serious candidate for the “most powerful office in the world?” That is what I would like to see more commentary on. That is, reflection on why it was possible for US to end up with Donald Trump as president-elect of our nation !!!

The American people and the people of the world deserve for US to figure out what we, as a nation have done to allow such as Donald J. Trump to even vie for the most powerful office in the entire world. WE have a very heavy and weighty responsibility in this to ourselves, our fellow humans, our children’s children and even to life on this planet. And playing the “blame game” will accomplish only one thing: The Maintenance of the Status Quo.

Please, don’t misunderstand me in this. NONE of this is to exonerate us from fighting the evils, yes evils, that will result as a consequence of Trump’s Presidency. We must organize and struggle and some of us will have to go to jail and maybe die because of the evils that will emanate from the collection of megalomaniacal minds that are coalescing around Trump. We must fight with the very fiber of our being to maintain what we can until we figure out what caused these conditions which allowed this to happen and to reverse the process so we can crawl out of this abyss we have dug for ourselves and the world over the past forty or so years now.

Roger W Mills II


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