Whose in charge? Not the people!

Depending on the particular poll you choose between 55% and 60% of eligible voters cast a ballot. However, if we were to look into this a bit further we can extrapolate that as of 2013 there were approximately 242,470,820 adults living in the US. Of that 242,470,820 adults (approximately, depending on the source) 136,489,372 actually cast ballots for President. This makes a total of 56.3% even bothered to cast ballots. Now when you consider that approximately 53% of those who cast a ballot for Trump did so simply to vote against Clinton and would rather have had a viable third option. And that approximately 46% of those who cast a ballot for Clinton did so simply to vote against Trump and would rather have had a viable third option that the system doesn’t allow. Yes, there are “third party” candidates, but as long as the DemoPublican/RepubliCratic Duopoly get to decide who get to debate before the American Public they are never quite viable.

Thus, only about 56% of adult Americans either got to cast a vote or decided to cast a vote. Of that 56% only about 50% of them actually cast a vote for a candidate instead of against a candidate. That means only about 28% of Americans either Clinton or Trump. If we are generous and split that down the middle (Clinton having won the Popular Vote make that generous. And since your argument is that is in charge that makes this point relevant) that means only about 14% of Americans decided this election.

In other words, Donald, the American Population is not in charge and that definitely includes me, Sir. However, I and other Americans have the legitimate right to bitch and complain about the thoroughly corrupt and rigged system that decides for us who will get to claim to represent the vast majority of Americans who feel anything but (as you claim) that they are in charge.

Now who is in charge? Considering that it took approximately $7,000,000,000 (That’s seven BILLION with a “B” dollars) to elect a person to an office that pays a total of ($400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment) for a grand total of $569,000. Now let’s consider this information: If, for simplicity’s sake, we split the cost of the campaign in two equal parts we end up with each candidate’s bit for the presidency (for an office that pays $569,000) costs $3,500,000,000. That means that each candidate’s run for office cost was $3,499,431,000 more than the president can get paid for his term in office. When it cost $3,500,000,000 to get elected to an office that will pay a deficit of $3,499,431,000 we end up with the office costing 99.98% more than it pays for the winning candidate.

Thus, you have no leg to stand on when you claim that the American People are in charge. Therefore, the only people that can afford the cost of electing an American government is the Billionaire Class. It is really the 1/10 of 1% who are in charge not the American people.


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