An Impasse by Way of Sarcasm

In a FB conversation I entered into a discussion with someone who commented on a post I had made concerning a bill or law where “Congress [is] Set to Dump Public Lands into the Extractive Industry Feeding Trough.” His comment read: “I hope the Congress may dump all of the federal lands into the hands of their true owners the individuals.”
So I asked if he would clarify what he meant by “the individuals.” After some prolonged negotiations about whether and/or why I was objecting to his use of the phrase “the individuals” and my efforts to explain all I wanted was some clarification as to his precise meaning he read me out of the dictionary the definitions of “individual” and “objection.” That was okay except I had just provided them myself within the thread.
I, then, tired of the entire exercise because it seemed to me that the individual (with whom I was attempting to extract some information concerning his intent) could not seem to grasp the difference between dictionary definitions of individual words and the context within which those words are used, so I posted a response as follows:
“I give up You are simply too, too smart for me. I can’t possibly talk on your level as it is way, way too advanced for my puny mind. After all, I don’t even know when I am objecting to something and you have the ability to read the heart and mind of someone you have never even met. That’s far and away beyond my capacities to attain. Good luck to you and all yours.”
Which I hoped was dripping with enough sarcasm to drown a bumble bee in flight, but the last laugh is on me because I have no way to know whether his response was equally sardonic:
“You are welcome, sir. I think you are grossly underestimating your intelligence.”

Thus I reside at an impasse.

Roger Willis Mills, II

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