On Illegal Immigration


Actually there wasn’t a problem with illegal immigrants until the border was “closed” in 1965. Prior to that seasonal workers would cross the border work the season return home in the villages they had been born in, live with their wives, raise their children, comfort their parents and celebrate life with their cousins and life-long friends. However, with the closing of the border in 1965 these men had a decision to make: they could either return to their home villages south of the border and risk not being able to cross next season to earn enough money to feed, house and clothe their families or they could remain in the US and become “illegal” immigrants so they would be able to continue feeding, housing and clothing their families.

U.S. Agents Take Undocumented Immigrants Into Custody Near Tex-Mex Border

(Perhaps I am wrong, but I think most of us would do what we felt we had to do to provide for our children and indigent parents so let’s, please, continue to simply consider this information for the moment.) Once these men decided to remain in the US to avoid the risk of not being able to secure enough income to provide for their families it shouldn’t be a terribly great surprise that they would then start missing their families. This would naturally lead them to send for their wives and children much as we might. Prior to these sets of circumstances there was no “illegal immigration” problem in the US. Of course this only deals with the “Mexican” problem but, if I don’t misunderstand, that is the largest part of the immigration issue today.


We can think none of this is “proper” but we should not simply assume that these “illegals” are simply trying to flaunt our laws. I can speak for non but myself, but It seems to me that What Jesus Would Do is not to cast the hopeless aside and leave them in the ditch to rot as the Pharisee and the Sadducee did.


The real solution is not closing the border which has never worked. Not with the Great Wall in China nor Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England nor any barrier erected that would ensure the misery of others. While it may not be the intention of any American to inflict misery upon others the economic policies followed by our government in support of TransNational Corporations are indeed inflicting such misery upon others that those who are thus suffering are risking life and limb to escape that misery as would (I think) you and I.

Roger Willis Mills, II

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